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An In-depth Step by Step Solution for Motherboard HDMI Not Working

As you know, the Motherboard HDMI is the key component and the spinal cord of your laptop. It allows your device to function well. Without its proper working, you can do nothing. 

You’re probably experiencing this problem. Don’t worry! Many Laptop users have reported problems with their HDMI.

It’s especially frustrating when you need to do that office presentation and then your motherboard HDMI port decides to fail you.

In this article, I’ll show you step-by-step how you can solve that problem.

Advantages of Motherboard HDMI Port

HDMI simply stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

One of the most important advantages of activating the Motherboard HDMI Port is that it allows you to transfer high-definition videos and audios, connecting with different monitors simultaneously, keeping the workflow and quicker multitasking.

It’s used in homes and the commercial AV sectors connecting devices such as DVD player, BluRay player, digital TV, Xbox, and PlayStation.

HDMI is a single cable solution, digital interface for combined Hd audios and video replacing analog solutions which require different video cables. It can carry over 8K pictures. It is an excellent experience for those who love to enjoy an immersive movie experience or gaming.

Problem Outline

HDMI is one of the oldest and common port designs in the computer era. Whether connecting your Laptop with a television or even attaching an additional monitor, you’ll need a top-notch HDMI connection.

It is the reason why HDMI connection failure can turn you into a frustrating person. Meanwhile, who can ignore the comfort of high-quality videos and audio? Most likely none.

At the moment, I want you to understand that the HDMI port not working issue is related to the integrated graphics and not the graphic card. 

For quality working and performance with different devices, ensure your motherboard’s HDMI has no flaws. 

Dealing with an HDMI port, you’ll require a lot of traits and methods from your side. Calmly, be patient in the whole process, and you’ll make it through.

What is the Solution if Your Motherboard’s HDMI Port is not Working?

Probably, you’re wondering and asking yourself a few questions. What next? There are several fixes you can try. Different factors can cause the problem to your HDMI the same way; there are different methods to fix the issue.

When it doesn’t work as required, it will not transmit data to the system monitor, and you’ll not operate any task. It’s important to work on your device.

Several Reasons Are Causing This Error.

Connecting Dual monitors to the Motherboard: A signal error is a common problem using different monitors. To solve it, plug the monitor into the graphical process unit, it will indicate the second monitor’s screen.

Broken Motherboard HDMI port: In these cases, replace it for perfect functioning.

Disabled Motherboard HDMI port: Most likely, your HDMI port is disabled. It’s mandatory to enable it to avoid errors—Right-click your laptop’s volume icon taskbar and select the playback tab. Secondly, click the Digital Output Device course of action, apply to turn on the video and audio function for the HDMI port, then check whether your HDMI port is working.

Now, since you know the most common cases for HDMI not functioning, it’s time to work on it. As you know, every piece of hardware is made differently. It’s essential to understand how to approach every issue.

Try each method and see which one proves to help you get sorted out as soon as possible. Below are certain steps to fix the Motherboards HDMI port not working.

#1 Step: Survey The Motherboard’s HDMI

Have you come across motherboard HDMI not working in your Laptop? Don’t panic; you’re not alone. Before trying anything else, exploring the HDMI of your Motherboard is the first step where you have to examine what’s on with your Motherboard HDMI port.

Make sure the cable isn’t frayed or corroded. Any loose connection is often the main cause of hardware connectivity issues. Ensure both ends of the HDMI are plugged in correctly into the HDMI port. A loose one will hinder the device from being recognized by the device.

Most likely, there is debris and dust in your HDMI port resisting the signals from the cables, or your Laptop is very old, and the HDMI is broken; it might be damaged. Meanwhile, if this is the case, replace it and make sure it’s working.

#2 Step: Reboot and Re-connect up Your Laptop

In most cases, your laptop’s HDMI not working is not a serious problem but simply an improper boot-up. Not booting up your HDMI device may result in this common error.

So, you’re recommended to reboot and replug your Laptop with HDMI. Make sure you do everything right. Turn all your devices on and your HDMI device off. At the same time, you are leaving the windows system on. Unplug all the HDMI connections and replug them again with your HDMI device and your Laptop. It will restart your HDMI connection and fix the problem.

It should work soon as you plug it in. Rebooting with everything in place ensures that the display is detected.

#3 Step: Recheck the BIOS Setting

When the integrated graphics is disabled, it may be why the HDMI port fails to work. You’ll need to enable the integrated setting. You’ll need to do some inspections in your BIOS to confirm if it supports onboard graphics alongside dedicated graphics.

Recheck the BIOS setting by restarting the Laptop. Open the BIOS menu; as the laptop reboots, press key, F2, F10, or F12. Finally, find the BIOS version in the menu.

The settings are automatically set to Off/Disabled. If you find, enable GPU, Integrated graphics, or CPU graphics multimonitor, click enable. Immediately will be enabled the integrated graphics. Save the changes in your settings and exit.

HDMI of every Motherboard runs off CPU integrated graphics but not the graphic card. You can do a quick google search for the specs of your respective CPU.

Two Quick Ways to Avoid Motherboard’s HDMI Port from Not working

Replace every damaged HDMI port with new ones.

Recheck whether the connection cables between the monitor and the Motherboard’s HDMI are in good working condition or not.


Your Laptop motherboard is equipped with very sensitive components. It’s vital to get in touch with an authorized service dealer. However, there are fewer chances that you’ll require this as your final solution. Don’t panic; you can fix the HDMI. You have to deal with the motherboard’s error very carefully. Now you can help your peers with similar errors.


Martha Mwende is a Technology, health and wellness content writer. Her specialties include SEO, marketing, tech, B2B and social media.

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